Beerbiceps Motivation & Fitness quote


who is Beerbiceps?
Meet Ranveer Aroa Allahbadia. The man behind the BEERBICEPS


You may probably know the 25years Old Allahbadia by his YouTube handle, Beer Biceps. The channel has over 1.2+ Million subscribers and his Instagram has clocked over 221k followers. Beer Biceps is also awarded as one of India’s best fitness YouTube channel. He started this youtube as fitness & cooking but now they converted into Fitness, Mens fashion & lifestyle from everyday routin.
Ranveer Arora Allahbadia

Beerbiceps Motivation & Fitness quote

1.Irrespective of what the world thinks, rule no.1 of life – You be you 🔥

2.There are no losses in life – Only wins and learnings. Have positive thoughts in your head, have bravery in your heart and have class that’s spread all over your exterior.
Keep Hustling 🔥

3.Confidence isn’t something you’re born with.
It’s a life skill. You build it up through years of discovering yourself and arriving at a stage of not caring about what others think of you.

4.Remember, when someone is judging you, they’re only judging themselves. It’s their INSECURITIES that they’re expressing as their OPINIONS.

5.The BIGGEST mistake you’ll make in life is not caring enough about your body.Take the first step, enjoy the process and then get addicted.

6.Get knocked down 10 times, stand back up 11 times.
Hold positivity in your heart and believe in every last bit of yourself.
You create your own future. Keep hustling, soldier 🔥

7.Always live your life as if it is 5 years into the future. If you want to become a king, believe that you are a king, RIGHT NOW.
If your heart believes it, your mind will make you take actions towards it.

Think like a king, act like a king and sooner than you know it, you’ll become one.

Keep hustling, keep dreaming 🔥

8.If you want to build an EVERLASTING legacy, every day is a mission.
Obedient children usually grow up to become play-it-safe adults.
The rebels are the ones who have a real chance to create legacies.
Most rebels can think big but can’t execute.
Be that exception amongst rebels. Prove all those doubters wrong.
Mission mentality, FOR LIFE.
Keep hustling 🔥


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